DCP | 2.39:1 | 90’

Marja Pyykkö One of the most talented Finnish new generation movie directors Marja Pyykkö (born March 26th 1975) has graduated from UIAH. Her first feature film “Run, Sister, Run” is a milestone in the way it portrays the rebellion of the Finnish youth. “Village People”, Pyykkö’s second feature; a tongue-in-cheek comedy situated in the wilderness of Norther Finland tells a story about people longing for a miracle, something or someone to change their lives for good. Pyykkö’s one hour short feature “Here Lies Aino Koski” won a honorary citation in the Nordic Talent Competition in 2008. “Run, Sister, Run” was awarded for the best pitch in the same competition. In 2014 and 2015 Pyykkö won twice in a row Golden Venla price for Best Directors award for TV-series Black Widows (2014) and The Hooked (2015).